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Sarah McCaffery - 416-319-4176: Your path to better health
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Sarah McCaffery

Before I started with Shaklee, I was extremely unhealthy. I had no energy, headaches all the time, stomach problems that would keep me from going to work, and I was overweight.  My mom intruduced me to Shaklee and I started taking Vitalizer and Vita-D3.  My stomach problems started to get better right away thanks to the probiotics found in Vitalizer. I also slowly started to have more energy and less headaches.  After about 8 months, I decided I wanted to do something about my weight and I started my 180 Turnaround journey.  I ended up losing about 35 pounds in the following 5 months and another 20 in the next year and a half! You can find out more about my turnaround story here.

Today, after 2 years of Shaklee, I am healthier than I have ever been in my life.  And I love the other product lines such as cleaning and personal care. It means a great deal to know that all the products are safe for me, my pets and the environment.

I would love to help you start your path to better health!